Although much of my teaching experience began in secondary education, when I returned to higher education to pursue my own studies I found myself increasingly interested in the higher education landscape. I have worked (in varying capacities) in three South African institutions of higher education, and have strong interests in the scholarship of learning and teaching.

I am currently a PhD student, and academic staff developer, living and working in the Cape Town, South Africa. While I started this blog to keep track of my research journey, it has morphed into the place where I think out loud my professional thoughts – sometimes about my engineering research, but increasingly often, about my day job!

My particular brief in the staff development team is to support part-time and non-permanent teaching staff. I am responsible for running the s.e.a.TEACH (supporting emerging academics’ teach) programme and works within departments and faculties on request.

While continuing to work in the field of staff development at UCT, I am working towards my PhD, looking at discourse in the learning experiences of first year engineering students. This follows from my other interest in HEd – reading and writing practices in a diverse, developing world context and how these are supported by teaching practices in pursuit of learning.


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