Working with texts: Words, Images and Literacies



WORDLE FOR BLOGHaving majored as an undergraduate in English Literature and then shifted for my postgraduate studies to Sociolinguistics, much of my experience pertains to working with written and verbal texts. During my four years working in the UCT Writing Centre, I gained further experience working with texts this time from non-cognate disciplines and drawing on New Literacies approaches to frame the work. As such my approaches to text have led me to work with text from the level of the utterance to the level of practice. This range of approaches to engaging with text have exposed me to a wide variety of tools for eliciting and analysing text.  My experiences with text comes through multiple disciplines, including literature, education, and linguistics; through multiple engagements, as student, as reader, and as teacher; and through multiple spaces, classroom, field site, writing centre. In many cases in these instances, the text is distanced from the writer – a piece of published writing, an essay, a blog – all distanced in varying degrees from the writer. In addition to working with text distanced from its author, I have worked in spaces where the author is present in the moment with the text. Through spaces such as departmental workshops, writing centre consultations and teaching at school level, I have experienced students working with and through text as a sense-making activity.


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